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Virtual Office

Independent Contractor

Office Address France Independent Contractor  - domiciliation-in-france.com

Create your business and reduce costs


Office Address Company France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Extend your business in France


Office Address France, Association France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Manage your association easily


Mail Scan

Mail France Scan, Mail address in France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Read your mail immediately

envelope Scan

Mail France, scan envelope - domiciliation-in-france.com

Choose the mail to open

Simple forwarding

Mail France Forward, Forward Mail France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Simply forward your mail without scan

parcels management


Address in France for parcels delivery - domiciliation-in-france.com

An address in France for parcels delivery

Sell in France

Ecommerce Logistics France, Ecommerce address France, Outsource Ecommerce handling - domiciliation-in-france.com

We send your products to your customers

After sales in France

Outsource Ecommerce After Sales, Logistics France, Ecommerce address France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Need a warehouse for your customers returns ?

SERVICES on subscription

Mail filtering

PO box France, No junk mail, mailbox in France, mail address in France - domiciliation-in-france.com

Reduce your shipping costs

Mail storage

Address Mail in France and Storage - domiciliation-in-france.com

Store your mail for as long as you wish

Monthly destruction

Address France Monthly Destruction of your Mail - domiciliation-in-france.com

Save on your shipping costs

banking secret

Banking Secret in France. Bank Statements not open - domiciliation-in-france.com

Keep your bank mail confidential

VIP Service

Address France VIP Service - domiciliation-in-france.com

Your mail within the hour

Mail Identification

Address France Mail Identification - domiciliation-in-france.com

Want to know who sent you a mail ?

Internet Visibility

Address France Internet Visibility - domiciliation-in-france.com

Show your Ubidoca address on your website

Sending mail scanned in ZIP file

Address France Sending Mail Scanned in ZIP File - domiciliation-in-france.com

Your mail is sent daily by email

virtual phone in France

Address France Virtual Phone - domiciliation-in-france.com

Receive your calls, wherever you are

Parcels Storage (Parcelbox)

Address France Parcel Delivery and Storage - domiciliation-in-france.com

Store your parcels in a personal and secure space

Take your customer calls

ecommerce france, sales address France: customer calls Amazon, CDiscount, etc.  - domiciliation-in-france.com

We take your customers calls

Photo of your parcels

Address France Parcel Delivery - Parcel photo - domiciliation-in-france.com

Receive a photo of your parcels


Mail services

Bank services

Postal services

Parcel services

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