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Absolutely Confidential

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Confidentiality Statement

UBIDOCA receives, opens, scans, forwards and/or stores your postal mail in strict application of the dispositions of Article 226-15 of the French Penal Code and by reference to the Law of 10 July 1991 and the European Directive 97/66 of 15 December 1997.

When you subscribe to one of our services, UBIDOCA becomes legally responsible for the secrecy of your correspondence. UBIDOCA undertakes to do everything in its power to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of your mail and the maximum security of your Customer Space connections (see our Private Policy).

UBIDOCA is extremely sensitive to the ultra-confidentiality of the data entrusted to the company. This is why we strive to enforce :

All UBIDOCA staff members sign a confidentiality agreement under which they undertake not to disclose any information concerning the company's activities and customer data that they may become aware of in the performance of their duties. This obligation of confidentiality applies throughout the duration of their employment contract and continues after its termination for any reason whatsoever.

Are you still reluctant to have your mail opened ? Several options are available to make it even safer :

The security of data exchanges

Encryption ensures a high level of security of your mail ; UBIDOCA implemented the SSL 256 bits encryption method to protect all data related to your personal information and your mail. You are in SSL/TLS encrypted mode when one of this iconAddress France Confidential mail france, private and business mail france - domiciliation-in-france.comis displayed to the left of the navigation bar.

UBIDOCA does not send you any scanned mail via email. The only email you receive from UBIDOCA are automatic notifications whose content does not let any ill-intentioned person intrude into your Customer Space.

The security of your personal data

In accordance with the Personal Data Protection French Laws and the General Data Protection Regulations (RGPD), you have a right to access and modify your personal data at all time. You can also consult and modify your personal data from your Customer Space under "My information".

Help us keep your data safe

In order to make your account and password as secure as possible, your contribution is absolutely necessary. Please observe the following guidelines :

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