Address in France : Our Customers

Address France : Our Customers -

Expatriates in China

Planning an expatriation to China ? Like you, many people do it every year.
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Postal mail for expatriates

Are you going to live in an other country for several weeks or months ? Are you looking for an International mail forwarding solution ?
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Business offer

By scanning documents for your company, you benefit from many advantages to increase its productivity
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Trek50: customer story

Hervé Deschamps had the idea to use the services of UBIDOCA as logistics support for this 1'700 km trek through the Alps and Corsica. We hope that his testimonial gives some ideas to other travellers: logistical support, mail, parcels?
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Globe Trotters

Are you planning a world tour or a trip of several months to discover new horizons ? It is a bold adventure that you may only experience once in your life.
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Retired Expatriates

Have you decided to retire in an other country ? Do you have a second home and stay there regularly ? Do you need an address in France for some of your correspondents ?
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Mail on Travel

Are you an expatriate ? Do you have several homes ? Are you going on a trip ?
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