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You chose one of our services : Virtual Office, After-Sales in France or Sell in France ?

Do you need a call center to answer your customers ?

Do you want to outsource your customer care service ?

What is this service about ?
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  • Your customers call on a line dedicated to your company. We take care of answering the phone according to your instructions that you previously gave us.
  • Depending to your requirements, we can :
    • answer incoming calls and inform your customers
    • take orders (and prepare them if your stock is already in our premises)
    • take messages or appointments and thus keep a virtual agenda for you
    • transfer calls
    • ensure a customer follow-up

The advantages of this service :
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  • You don't lose any phone calls.
  • A telephone customer service professional team responds to your customers. The quality of this service builds up your business image.
  • We provide a daily follow-up of all your received calls.
  • You reduce management costs and you have more time to focus on your business.

How much does it cost ?

Service Cost
Receive calls from your customers 15 euros per month
Relaying messages from your customers 6 credits per message

The credits included in your prepaid monthly plan are used as follows :

Most common mail services
Mail handling (reception) 0.2 credit per mail, offered if we scan it Address France Ecommerce Office France - Shopping Cart -
Mail scan 1 credit per scanned page
Envelope scan 0.5 credit per scanned envelope
Mail forward 5 credits per forwarded container (large envelope or parcel)
Invoice payment on your behalf 5 credits per invoice + 1.6% of the amount
Account activation fee no fee
Account re-activation fee no fee
Account termination fee no fee

The table above shows only the most common mail services costs.
The full prices list can be found on page Mail Costs.

Additional services

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